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Promise to our Clients

DontiaCare is committed to help our clients improve employee healthcare while keeping costs down. Through our network of highly qualified healthcare providers, you can improve your employee healthcare benefits significantly, as part of your recruitment or retention strategy, at zero cost.

Improve Productivity

DontiaCare serves as a single point of contact for your organization, to facilitate and manage billing processes, instead of dealing with multiple independent clinical providers. Coupled with a web-based software, we aim to help eliminate repetitive administrative tasks, reduce paper work and improve productivity.

Cost Savings & Flexibility

DontiaCare has a stringent selection process to ensure that our affiliates are all highly qualified professionals. Hence, your organization is able to stretch the value of your healthcare benefits program.

Differing from insurers, DontiaCare does not require clients to pay any premium or sign-on fee and adopts a pay-per-use model. By customizing a program that suits your organizational needs, we aim to provide you the flexibility in your decision making. Secondly, your organization pays only for treatment that has been consumed, eliminating the scenario of wastage through under-utilization.


DontiaCare welcomes healthcare professionals to be part of our network of care providers. By doing so, you stand to gain from the following:

Value Creation

You stand to gain access to a steady stream of patients from our large network of corporate clients with zero sign-up fees.

Patient Retention

As a DontiaCare partner, you can improve patient retention by expanding range of service offerings to patients, with ready support from DontiaCare specialists and grow clinic revenue. Most importantly, the patient remains in the care of your good hands.

DontiaCare Specialist Support

Implant Dentistry
Pediatric Dentistry
Oral Surgery

Laboratory Support

Discounted dental lab services by Creative Dental Studio, with in-house CAD/CAM & 3D printer.

Administrative Ease

DontiaCare has a web-based software to streamline claims/billing processes between affiliate clinics/clients. We are also ready to support your clinic with requisite training, hardware and maintenance to ensure consistency in patients experience and smooth business operations.


Benefits for Patients

Patients are at the heart of all we do. As commitment to you, DontiaCare affiliates are stringently selected, qualified healthcare professionals and specialists, who are held to high standards of professionalism, ethics and audit.

We are also committed to render utmost care and not over or under-indicate treatment. With ready specialist’ support and integrated care, you can be fully assured of your safety. In addition, your family members stand to enjoy DontiaCare privileges too.